Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sister and Penis

Soooo last night I threw a bachelorette party for my friend Jenny. She is getting married on the 16th of august. I get to be a bridesmaid and I'm REALLY excited because I have never been a bridesmaid before so I feel kind of a little bit special. haha we had a fondue party with some fancy cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. i personally thought it was quite delicious! i tried to spice it up a bit and make it a fun party! i hung up homemade cut-out penis's and purchased some nice penis souvenirs. but there were only 5 of us and the one friend of jennys was borderline boring as hell. nice, but no fun. i dont think she appreciated my penis's. but overall I think jenny had fun and that is what counts. jenny is a lot more conservative then i am. she isnt a touchy feely person which is the utter opposite of me. and thats okay, but i dont think she liked when i made her wear the pecker sunglasses and put on the blow up penis with a face on it. where as, i am completely comfortable with doing that. it was a fun time tho!
     It is my parents anniversary today so they stayed the night last night in park city and so me and aurie (my older sister) didnt go to church. whoopsies. haha instead we decided to go on a hike up bells canyon. It was my idea. I had heard that it was just like a fun little easy recreational hike. oh no no no. i wanted to murder my own self. i am not a very active person (which is a very terrible thing and i need to start working out SAP) so i struggled quite embarassingly. it was hotter than bloody hell outside too. Luckily we were smart enough to bring a waterbottle. but anyways, I wanted to stop so many times and turn around and go back but Aurie just kept saying no no I want to climb up to the waterfall. and im kind of like fuuhhhh ffiiiinnneee. so after an agonizing time hiking this trail we reach the rocks and waterfall and we laid on this big rock for like a half an hour. And when we decide to leave we thought we would keep going straight instead of back tracking on the trail we took. well we run into this vat of mud and were like k we can make it across. so aurie goes first and shes you know tip toeing along on the rocks and to steady herself she grabbed onto this branch that was definitely very unstable so it just bends down on auries impact so aurie and tree branch are barley suspended over this big vat of mud!! and i just cant even explain it in the right way because it was so hilarious!! so then she kind of regains her balance and turns around and accidentally sticks her foot in the mud and it makes this little farting thhhrrrdddd sound and just those 30 seconds were so funny i was dying. i wish i could have been recording it! so then i was telling her how my friend adam has this camera thing that goes on your head and she was like oh yeah the go pro! we decided we need one of those so we can document our lives. haha but anyways, it was just really quite a funny happening to have happened.
     Me and aurie also decided that we really want to get good at australian accents so we sat and looked up on youtube lessons on aussie accents. i reeeaallly want to get good at accents.
      I will most likely complain a lot about having to go to work. so i will start that tradition now. I do not want to go to work tomorrow. 10-7. shoot me in the head pretty please. but the thing is, is that i really dont mind working at rite aid. it isnt that I dont like it there or that i dont like the people. its just the prospect of having to go to work. uuuggghhhhhhhh why cant i just be magically rich?

Friday, August 3, 2012

My name is Eden

I don't know how to blog really. And I have no idea how to start out. You just write posts and stuff I guess. I wanted to start this blog because I want to have a place to record all the cool funny good bad experiences stories that happen when I wake up and am living. I seriously doubt anyone will ever read it BUT that's totally okay. In this blog I plan to right my true opinion about everything/everyone. Not censored. Well, maybe censored a little. Depending on whom I'm talking about. I'm really not a writer at all in the least. I used to like to think I was when I was younger. And I used to think I was artistically talented too. I am neither. But I wish though. If you haven't gotten that my name is Eden then I think you are utterly a complete idiot. No offense. Actually...a lot of offense. Cause you really are an idiot if you couldn't decipher what it is. So I guess this is now the ending to my first blog post on this blog. I hope if any human ever reads it, they find it entertaining.