Friday, August 3, 2012

My name is Eden

I don't know how to blog really. And I have no idea how to start out. You just write posts and stuff I guess. I wanted to start this blog because I want to have a place to record all the cool funny good bad experiences stories that happen when I wake up and am living. I seriously doubt anyone will ever read it BUT that's totally okay. In this blog I plan to right my true opinion about everything/everyone. Not censored. Well, maybe censored a little. Depending on whom I'm talking about. I'm really not a writer at all in the least. I used to like to think I was when I was younger. And I used to think I was artistically talented too. I am neither. But I wish though. If you haven't gotten that my name is Eden then I think you are utterly a complete idiot. No offense. Actually...a lot of offense. Cause you really are an idiot if you couldn't decipher what it is. So I guess this is now the ending to my first blog post on this blog. I hope if any human ever reads it, they find it entertaining.

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